Why Monkey Magic ?…


Why not !?…”Monkey” was one of the coolest shows on TV during the late 70’s and early 80’s, when channels in the U.K were prepared to go out on a limb and expose audiences to different cultures and a type of fantasy which swooped & soared  like Monkey’s pink cloud.

“Monkey Magic” seemed quite appropriate – my parents came to the U.K in the 50’s and I was born here, and although it’s true I’m actually IN the West, I think, like many people of Asian (or other) origin, I’m still making a Journey to The West – and like the characters from the Chinese myth, perhaps its a case of never actually getting there, and more about the journey itself.

I’m hoping to make this blog more of a journey, an exploration & perhaps a bit of an adventure too, posting odd bits & pieces of work , that may not go anywhere particularly, and articles I’ve written, which are linked in some way or another to this metaphorical journey – and also a bit about that 80’s TV show, “Monkey!”.

I think at this stage in my life, what seemed like random, unconnected efforts in various directions, seems to be pointing towards this idea of groping for something – that “thing” being a crystallisation of ideas , grappling with this notion of “identity”, perhaps an “East / West” thing, perhaps not – whatever it is, hopefully it will be interesting – failing that, I will just stick up examples of my work that I like, experiments that failed or succeeded & let, you, the viewer, decide for yourself.


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